Reasons To Choose A Curved Pipe For Your Pipe And Drape Set

13 June 2022
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When you look for a pipe and drape set to rent for an upcoming event, you can expect to see that the vast majority of horizontal pipes are straight. While they're available in a multitude of lengths, their straight shape is a common feature. There are, however, some other products for you to think about renting. Many event rental services have pipes that are gently curved. They work in the same manner as conventional pipes, connecting to a pair of vertical pipes and holding a drape along their length. There are a handful of reasons that you may want to choose a curved pipe for your event, including these points.

More Space 

A curved pipe can be a good option if you want the area on one side of the drape to be more spacious. If you're setting up an enclosed booth area at an event, for example, you want the booth to feel roomy. Straight pipes can work satisfactorily, but if you have a feeling that the booth will be crowded, you want it to feel as spacious as possible. Having a curved pipe across the back of the enclosed space will move the drapes a few inches away and help to create more of a feeling of roominess.

Following Other Curves

You may also feel that a curved pipe is a good fit for your event because of its ability to follow another curve in the area. For example, if you're erecting your pipe and drape set in an area that has a curve, a curved pipe can follow the curve and look stylish. Some patios have a curved shape, and many people set up pipe and drape sets on patios at various outdoor events. If the curve of the pipe is similar to the curve of the stage, this can produce a good visual fit.

Producing Unique Shapes

Some people put four straight sections of pipe and drapes together to create a square. This enclosed space can work well for hiding something that you'll eventually release to the public at a corporate event, for example. When you choose curved pipes, you can create unique shapes that may catch people's attention more. For example, instead of having a square, you can position the curved pipes so that they form a circle. The uniqueness of this look can be appealing, especially if people in your industry often position their pipes and drapes in squares at events.

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