6 Wedding Themes For A Castle Venue

28 January 2022
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A castle venue offers so many options for a wedding or other special event. You can marry indoors near a cozy fireplace or marry outside with the castle as your backdrop. You can also choose from a number of different themes that are all perfect for a castle venue. 

1. Medieval knight: Hear ye! Hear ye! Chivalry is not dead. A castle event venue is an ideal location for a joist as well as a medieval wedding. If you are a die-hard fan of medieval faires, planning a wedding in a castle may be just the theme you are looking for. You can even serve turkey legs if you want. 

2. Princess: Whether your version of a princess is reminiscent of Cinderella or has more of a boho vibe, a castle venue is the perfect location to pull it off in style. Many brides want to channel their inner princess and marry their Prince Charming.  

3. Anglophile: When many people think of castles, they immediately think of England. Celebrate your love of all things English by hosting a castle wedding. Whether you want to re-create Lady Diana Spencer's nuptials to Prince Charles or just love tea, crumpets, and the Union Jack, an anglophile wedding is perfect for a castle venue.

4. Renaissance bride: The Renaissance was a time of great art and architecture and appeals to many couples. Whether your venue is Gothic, Romanesque, or more modern architecture, any castle venue can still create the atmosphere of the Renaissance for the bride and groom, especially with the right flowers, music, and wedding dress. 

5. Nod to heritage: Many brides and grooms like to give a nod to their family heritage at their weddings and a castle event venue can help. Whether you want to wear Scottish kilts and walk down the aisle to the tune of bagpipes or re-create your very own Oktoberfest by serving German food and plenty of beer in steinkrugs, a castle venue is the perfect setting to make your dreams a reality.

6. F. Scott Fitzgerald fan: Literary buffs can plan a Great Gatsby-esque wedding full of Roaring 20s glam and lots of free-flowing champagne. While Gatsby didn't live in a castle, a castle venue does add that over-the-top sense of style and allure. You can even rent a 1920s era car for transportation to and from the venue for the bride and groom and request that the guests dress in period costume. 

No matter what theme or time period you choose, a castle venue is the perfect setting for any wedding. 

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