Three Easy Ways To Style Your Wedding Ballroom

3 December 2021
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Styling a wedding ballroom goes beyond just adding floral centerpieces to each table. Unique touches can help transform the room into a magical backdrop for your special day. If you want to customize your ballroom to make it reflect your personality and sense of style, use the following guide to inspire your wedding decorations. 

Ceiling Draping

Adding ceiling draping can turn a plain ceiling into an ornate focal point for your ceremony and reception. This idea requires just the addition of a draping hardware kit and your fabric of choice. You may be able to rent a full kit including the fabric from a party supply company, or you can simply purchase all of the elements to complete the look. Work with the ballroom staff to have the kit installed, as you won't likely want to climb tall ladders on the morning of your wedding. The venue staff can also position any lighting in the room to point toward the fabric, which creates a unique effect in the room. 

Floral Archways

Floral archways can be incorporated in a number of ways. You can add one at each end of the aisle for your ceremony to add a touch of romance to the event, passing under the flowers once before you are married and then again after you are officially wed. Large arches placed across banquet tables add an intimate feel to smaller wedding gatherings, and arches accenting windows in the room deliver a nature-inspired element to the wedding decor. Remember that arches don't have to have a rounded shape. Designs with angles are perfect for modern decor themes, blending the traditional beauty of flowers with a more contemporary silhouette. Work with your wedding florist to find flowers and greenery that work with your wedding colors and your bouquets to create a cohesive look.

String Curtain Lights

Adding string curtain lights to your wedding ballroom delivers soft illumination and a festive touch. These lights are perfect for hanging behind the sweetheart's table or head table, but they can also be used along the walls throughout the room to bring countless twinkles to the celebration. With their versatile design, string curtain lights complement a wide range of wedding themes, from rustic country to upscale cocktail party aesthetics. Typically, the lights are offered in a soft white or yellow, but sets of solid hues are available to coordinate with your wedding colors. If you're hosting a wedding during the holiday season, consider multicolored lights to incorporate the fun of the season into your special day. You can also add string lights to the ceiling as a standalone decoration or as a complement to the ceiling draping mentioned above.

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