4 Ways a Wedding Planner Can Help Wrangle Your Relatives

10 July 2020
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Most people know that a wedding planner can help reduce the workload of the couple and their family as well as juggling many of the competing responsibilities involved. But did you also realize that a wedding planner can help minimize issues with your difficult family members? Here are just a few of the ways they can help. 

1. They Have Sensitive Conversations

Wedding planners have seen and dealt with all sorts of problems before, during, and after weddings. While possibly a big challenge for you, your family's issues and personality conflicts are not unique for the planner. A good planner can help initiate conversations, break bad news, and brainstorm solutions for conflict. 

2. They Take Over Roles

If your difficult family members want to be involved in your wedding plans, the planner is a ready-made solution. A wedding planner is literally paid to oversee and manage a variety of jobs, which means your crazy aunt can't. The planner might even suggest ways that well-meaning but challenging relatives can participate without causing you extra stress. 

3. They Are a Buffer

When the wedding planner oversees various tasks, they are the point person for contact. While this often applies to managing vendors or ensuring correct deliveries, it also means managing your family's access to the bride or groom. This can be a literal role on the big day, but it starts months earlier as the planner becomes a go-between. The planner will work with you to determine how much of a buffer you want and then perform that service. 

4. They Handle Problems Quietly

Professional event planners are proud of their skill at quietly handling situations that could derail an event. When they work for a wedding couple, they do everything in their power to avoid you even learning that there has been a problem. This means that you may never know that your uncle got drunk at the bar when the planner quietly cut him off. It means that the planner ensured that the family had what they needed while waiting for pictures to be taken. And it could mean that they help resolve a bridesmaid argument before it got back to you. 

Which of these often-unrecognized services could help your wedding be the best? No matter what your family drama is, a good planner can be the ally you didn't know you needed. Learn more by contacting companies like GBC Events today.