Incorporate These Ideas Into A Theater Wedding

3 January 2020
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One type of wedding venue that can add excitement and beauty to your ceremony and reception is a local theater. While theaters might be synonymous with drama, comedy, and music productions, many of them are also available to rent for weddings. If you and your significant other like the idea of having your wedding take place in a theater, you'll want to get brainstorming about the many ways that you can use this unique environment to add to your big day. Here are some ideas that you may wish to consider incorporating when you get married and have your reception in a theater.

Customized Marquee

Talk to your contact at the theater about customizing the marquee outside of the building. This is the sign that normally has the name of the production that the theater is featuring, but theater employees can change it for your wedding. A common approach is to have you and your significant others' names as well as the date. You may also want to include a message of welcome to your family and friends who are celebrating with you. The custom marquee will not only provide a fun visual effect for you and your guests, but it will also serve as a good backdrop for photos.

Curtain Raising

Traditional theaters are typically equipped with plush curtains that are often made of velvet. You'll want to incorporate this part of the theater into your wedding or reception, especially if you and your significant other have a flair for the dramatic. One option is to keep the curtain down while your guests take their seats and then raise it once the ceremony is about to begin. This idea can be impressive visually as your guests will suddenly get to take in the decorations that you've set up around the stage.

Spotlights During Dancing

If you plan to have dancing during your wedding reception, having it take place on the stage of the theater makes sense. Because the theater is equipped with spotlights overhead, you may want to consider having a technician run one or more spotlights at key moments. For example, when you and your significant other are having your first dance, it can be fun to dim the theater lights and have the spotlight follow you around as you move across the stage. For high-energy, fast-paced songs later in the evening, the spotlights and other overhead lighting can add to the atmosphere.