Keep These Things In Mind When You Organize A March As A Teen

21 August 2019
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Teenagers today are passionate about a lot of important causes, including environmental issues, human rights issues, and freedom of speech issues. If you're a teenager who has a deep interest in a specific topic and you want others to hear your voice, there are many avenues that you can explore. One option is to organize a march with the goal of raising the community's awareness of the issue at hand. There are many details that you'll need to plan, including the route. A suitable route in this situation may be from your high school to your local congressperson's office, for example. Here are some march-organizing points that you can keep in mind.

Involve An Adult

While it's admirable that you may want to do all of the march planning yourself, it doesn't hurt to get an adult on board. Depending on where you live, you may need to get a permit or other types of clearance in order to hold the march, and it may be necessary to have someone of legal age apply for this paperwork. Things will go much smoother if you can get a teacher or a parent to help you in this manner. Choose an adult who will respect that you and your peers want to take charge of the planning, and will thus take a step back until you need him or her.

Discuss Your Message

You want the teenagers who join your march to be passionate about the subject matter. However, there's a chance that some of them will want to be involved for less-than-desirable reasons. For example, if the march will take place during school hours, some students will take part simply to get out of class. Others may want to participate for a chance to yell in mock outrage. Be very clear about the message that you're sending with the march. Educating your peers about the ins and outs of the subject matter should hopefully encourage them to take an active interest.

Use Social Media

Teenagers spend a lot of time on their various social media accounts each day, so use this method of communication to your advantage when it comes to getting ready for the march. Websites such as Facebook can be ideal for creating groups of local teens and recruiting them to participate in your march, while Instagram's live feature can help to create a buzz on social media while the march is taking place.