Things To Consider When Renting Seating For Your Next Party

26 April 2019
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When you're hosting a formal party you may hope that your guests mingle and hit the dance floor, but seating is a huge factor that needs to be considered. The last thing that you want is to fail to plan the seating properly and find that you do no have enough seating, or you have miscalculated and included too many seating options that create a cramped, crowded space. Most people opt for party seating rentals when hosting an event, since it is the most cost-effective option for securing enough seating and most party seating rental companies offer a wide variety of choices. If you are in the early planning stages of a party, consider the following things before booking your party seating rentals.

Number of Guests

One of the biggest factors that will determine how much seating you will need to rent is the number of guests that will be in attendance. A good rule of thumb is to make a guest list in advance, and then base the number of seats that you rent based on that number. Many party rental companies will let you adjust the number of seats you need to rent a few days before your party in the event that some people have to decline the invitation. It is better to rent a seat for everyone when planning a party rather then renting too few seats and turning up short on the evening of your party.

Consider the Theme of Your Party

When it comes to deciding on seating and renting party seating, you need to know the vibe and overall theme that you plan for your party. The seating needs for a wedding reception with a sit-down dinner will be much different than the seating needs for a cocktail party with heavy appetizers. For a formal dinner party, like a wedding reception, you would most likely want fancier, more comfortable seating, since guests will spend more time in their seats. For a cocktail party, you may consider renting high-top tables with matching stools that guests can use as needed.

Overall Cost

Most people do not have an unlimited bank account, so parties usually have a budget. Before you book anything for you party, determine exactly how much you can spend in total, and then break that number down into individual line items to cover specific things, such as seating rentals, catering, and flowers. It will be much easier to work with a party seating rental company when you can tell them upfront how much you can spend on your seating rentals.