Mixology Experts Can Serve Up Non-Alcoholic Drinks At Your Next Event

9 October 2018
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Big parties draw a lot of people. "Diverse" serves as an appropriate word to describe attendees of weddings, holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. At major events, organizers hire a professional bartender to deliver on all the requests of the crowd. An expert in mixology can create tons of excellent drinks designed to keep everyone happy. Delivering here requires the bartender to make non-alcoholic beverages as well.

The Science of Non-Alcoholic Mixology

Not everyone wants an "adult beverage," but they may like something special. Organizers should make sure these attendees receive the proper accommodation at the bar. It can be embarrassing to request a drink from a bartender and end up sent away. To avoid such unpleasant scenarios, check with the bartending service to see if the pro can make the following:

  • Multiple Drinks: Offering a single Shirley Temple drink won't cut it. And what if they don't like the mere one or two selections available? A grand variety of non-alcoholic beverages doesn't limit non-drinkers' choices. Even with a limited amount of ingredients, a good bartender could make scores of different offerings. Give the non-drinkers a chance to try out various selections throughout the event, just like some mixed drinks fans like to do.
  • Healthy Drinks: Non-alcoholic reflects one trait the requester wants in a drink. The other is healthy ingredients. Now, he/she isn't asking for a smoothie, but they would like something packed with vitamins and other good stuff. Scores of mixed drinks come with fruit juices of all variety. A bartender who knows mixology in and out could whip up a glass with fruit and vegetable juices that comes off as unique.
  • Stealth Drinks: Although someone might not want alcohol in a drink, he/she may not want others to know the beverage is sans spirits. Some don't want to anyone prying about why they aren't indulging. When a non-alcoholic drink looks like a traditional mixed drink, the lack of alcohol content won't be noticeable. A boring-looking drinking glass filled with straight-up tomato juice is noticeable. A cool-looking green vegetable drink with a frothy top stands out in a good way. Few could tell by looking such a drink lacks alcohol, but few wouldn't be impressed by the visuals.

Mixology involves many talents. The talents entail making pretty much any drink someone asks for including non-alcoholic ones. Double-check with the bartending service to ensure he/she has sufficient ingredients to fill any request.