How To Make Your Wedding Photo Booth Experience Memorable

19 May 2017
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Photo booths have become a mainstay of today's weddings. Photo booths have the ability to make a fun atmosphere for your wedding and to get people talking. With the right booth setup and accessories, you can make your photo booth the life of the party.

Custom Accessories

If you're interested in having a photo booth at your wedding, consider using custom props. Many photo booth companies offer their own set of props, but a custom set of props presents a unique experience for your reception goers. Using custom props allows you to tailor your photo booth experience to the color palette and theme of your wedding.

If you're looking for ideas for your custom props, consider using signs and masks. If you need help coming up with ideas, many sites offer prop templates that you can print out to make your own.

Have An Attendant

If your photo booth company offers the option, you should always get an attendant. Having an attendant for your photo booth will help the flow of traffic at a crowded reception. An attendant can also make sure that if there are any technical difficulties with your booth it can be taken care of on the spot. Having an attendant at your photo booth streamlines the experience for you and your guests.

Consider An Animated Booth

Photo booths have become more advanced as they've risen in popularity. Instead of taking pictures with props you now have the option of you and your guests being animated or placed into a 3D shot complete with scenery. This option costs a little more than the traditional photo booth, but your guests will be sure to talk about it well after your wedding.

Everyone Gets A Shot

If you were to only hire a photographer, they couldn't possibly get everyone in a photo. Getting a photo booth for your wedding gives everyone the opportunity to have their picture taken. Photo booth photos can also embrace a different facet of the wedding reception and may let people reveal their lighter sides to the camera. Not only do your guests get to take home their photo strip at the end of the night, you also receive a copy for your guest book.

If you have any questions about how to make your photo booth experience more memorable at your wedding, you should ask your photo booth company. They will be able to help you select the right package for your reception. With their guidance, you and your guests will have memories to talk about for years to come.  

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