Company Picnic Or Fundraiser? How Event Management Companies Can De-Stress The Event For You

25 July 2016
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An annual company-wide, corporate-sponsored picnic, holiday party or fundraiser can be fun, but it can be very stressful too. It takes a lot of time, effort and organizational skills to get an event to pull together seamlessly, and that can be very stressful. Instead of assigning employees or volunteers with the task of planning these events, you could just hire an event management company. Event management companies can de-stress these events for you by doing all of the following.

Secure the Venue

Even if your event is in a public park, the space for sitting, eating and grilling has to be secured. The pavilions in most public parks can be rented for events, but they need to be secured months in advance. Other venues, such as ballrooms, hotel conference rooms and the like also need to be booked and paid for. Scrambling to find and secure these areas can be a real nightmare when you do not have professional help.

Secure the Entertainment

Does your annual event frequently have music? A DJ? If It does, then you have to track down several names and businesses that specialize in party entertainment. You have to audition these entertainers and then decide who you should get for your company event. That's a lot of time spent just trying to find somebody or something to make your event festive.

The event management company already knows several entertainers and DJs and has already interviewed and auditioned them for you. With any luck, the event management company you hire has also recorded auditions of the entertainers and DJs so all you have to do is watch from the select few that fit what you are looking for and then pick one. The event management company handles the rest of the booking, hiring and confirmation processes.

Secure the Food

Okay, so at a corporate picnic the grilling is the thing. You and a few other employees could handle that, but then you are at the grill for the entire picnic and not really having much fun. You could buy the food and then hire a catering team to grill instead, or you could just hire a caterer outright to supply everything. With all of the decisions to be made in this department, things can get overwhelming really fast. This is where it is especially helpful to delegate these tasks to a coporate event planning company so that you take part in the three-legged race or the potato sack race this year. As for all other events, the event planning and management company can make sure you have a caterer and plenty of food ready when the party or event starts. Contact a business, such as Andy Mirkovich Productions, Inc., for more information.