Looking For Great Adult Party Ideas For The Ultimate MLB Lover? Hit It Out Of The Park With This Plan

1 March 2016
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Does someone important to you in your life absolutely love baseball and they have a special birthday coming up? If so, you can surprise them and celebrate the big day with all their family and friends in a really fun way. By planning the perfect day of baseball and fun, you can give them a birthday celebration they will never forget. Here are a few key points to planning this memorable affair.

Buy a Group Package of Tickets

You can get online and purchase a handful of tickets or more that are all together, or you can look at different MLB group ticket packages that are available. You want to get an estimate of the head count before your purchase tickets, and people who want to join in the fun after you've bought the tickets can always easily get online and get their own; they just won't sit directly with you during the game.

Get the Bus                       

Any type of party bus, or charter bus, where everyone can rid to the stadium or to the city together for the game is great. This allows everyone to have fun with the guest of honor, and they can bar hop, relax, or do what they want before, during and after the game. If the stadium is a long drive from where you live or if just don't want to deal with the game traffic, get estimates for busses, and you can have everyone meet at your house.

Memorabilia Gift

Find a local sport memorabilia shop or find a retailer online and get them something that is signed from their favorite player or sports team, or get them something that was a part of the team. Old equipment, signed photos, photos of the stadium where they play, and anything that has to do with their favorite highlights from past seasons are great gift ideas. You can choose to start or end the day with this great gift.

It will take a little planning to put all of this together and you'll want to let people know what game you choose to have the event at in advance so they can clear their schedule, but if the person loves baseball, this party is going to be a home run. Start planning the event online and make sure that no one gives away the surprise, so you can tell them yourself when you are ready to leave for the stadium. 

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