Preserving Your Wedding Memories: Ideas For You

25 November 2015
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When you are busy planning your wedding down to the very last detail, one of the many thoughts on your mind is how to preserve all of the memories of your big day so that all of your efforts and planning are commemorated for the rest of your life. However, you may not have the budget to hire the highest quality wedding photographer and videographer to capture all of the moments of your big day. Luckily, even without the unlimited budget that celebrities have for their weddings, you can create memories that will last a lifetime and beyond and preserve those memories beautifully. You will just want to get creative to do so. Get to know some of the ways that you can accomplish your wedding memory goals and get started.

Have Several Friends and Guests Take Video Footage at the Wedding

When you are talking to your friends and various wedding guests about your plans for the big day, they are likely just as excited and enthusiastic as you are about the celebration that is to come. As such, they are often very willing to provide any assistance you may need in making your wedding a perfect event for you and all those involved.

As you talk about your wedding with your friends and guests, ask them if they have a video camera of some sort. Chances are several of your guests will have some kind of video camera in their household that they use to capture events and important moments in their lives. If a guest does have a video camera, ask them if they would be willing to shoot footage of your wedding and your reception to help commemorate the day and capture unique moments.

Most likely, they would be happy to do so for you. Be sure that you offer to pay for any tapes or other data storage devices needed so that you can then get the footage from them when the wedding is complete. When your wedding is over, you will have video of your wedding from several perspectives and vantage points and will have special moments captured that a single camera could not catch.

Hire a Video Editing Service to Compile the Footage

Because you will have several friends and guests filming your wedding, you will likely end up with several hours of raw footage from your wedding to go through. To make this easier and to have a wedding video that is cohesive and complete, you can then hire a company that specializes in video editing services.

The video editing service will go through your raw footage and cut the different angles together to create a wedding video for you that captures all of the key moments from the best angles. They will also be able to ensure that the soundtrack and footage line up properly and make titles, transitions, and the like that take your raw footage and create a masterpiece from it.

The end result will be far more unique and less expensive than a traditional wedding video with a single videographer in charge of capturing the memories of the most important day of your life. You can also take a similar tactic with photography at your wedding, having guests capture candid and posed shots and having a professional editor take those raw shots and make them glamorous and beautiful for framing and display. Contact a company like Watrous Video Productions to learn more.

Now that you have an idea of how to preserve your wedding memories without going overboard on your budget, you can get the process started. You will then be able to remember every wonderful second of your big day for many years to come.