Cooperation Station: How To Become A Premium Conference Facilitator

27 October 2015
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Making a name for your company as a conference facilitator will have its perks. The first and most notable of the perks is that you will be granted contracts for hosting conferences from different fields. The second is that you get to schmooze as an easy way to bring in new business, through individuals or companies that your current clients know. The hard part about becoming a conference facilitator is that you will need to ramp up the offerings in order to entice bigger and better clients. Here are some methods and offerings you should use to become a premium conference facility supplier in your area.

Offer food and meals

One of the more difficult parts about a conference is having to find a company to cater or deliver meals. Some companies will struggle more with finding caterers who can set up at their conference facilities than they struggle to find the meeting facilities in general. If you have an on staff caterer that can offer food and snacks for booked conferences, you can offer premium customer packages and save your clients time. Offer several different cuisines and detail just how many meals, snacks, and drinks will be provided in each package. Some conferences may need all three meals served, while others will act as day conferences and service one meal and a snack during the short recess.

Invest in the technology

Companies will be drawn to a space that offers the best in new market technology. Most conferences feature presentations, both oral and computer based which means that you will need to have proper microphones, computers, screens, and internet. Put your money into creating excellent tech rooms, where everyone can have computer and internet access, and the best and biggest screens for presentation viewing. Remember to have staff on hand who can handle the IT and help run presentations, if necessary.

Build next to hotel accommodations

If you do not plan to offer hotel accommodations along with your conference facilities, situated your business right next to some hotels in the area. Typically cities will have several hotels in one area, due to tourism being situated in one area or traveling accommodations being nearby. Set up your commercial space near these hotels, so that the trip to your conference facilities is short. Offer a regular shuttle bus service along with accommodation packages. For major conferences or more upscale meetings, consider having a contract with a limousine service to provide rides for VIP packages.