Basic Strategies And Techniques To Ensure NLP Success

23 October 2015
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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) training can be the key to finding the self empowerment that you need to be successful and happy. This model takes advantage of the interplay between mind and language to help you make the most of your human condition, as you strive for both excellence and wisdom. Incorporating just a few NLP strategies into your daily life can help you begin this process of self actualization.

Novice NLP Techniques

The following are a couple of simple techniques that you can try out immediately to see if NLP is right for you.

  1. Dissociation from emotional responses. This is a good technique if you experience emotions that aren't serving a practical benefit, such as frustration with your child or anger with a co-worker. To use this technique, first identify the emotion you want to get rid of. Then, visualize the entire situation that elicits the emotion. Now mentally add in a comedic element to this "mental movie," such as funny clothing. Speed up the mental replay and play it backward. Do this until your first instinct is to add the humorous aspect. This helps separate you from the negative emotions you felt before, so that you are less likely to feel them in the future.
  2. Creating anchors. This is another technique that gives you control over your emotions. Simply determine the emotion you want to feel, and then make yourself feel it. For example, smile and think about a joyful moment in your life if you want to feel happy. Once you are solidly within this emotion, visualize a happiness circle on the ground in front of you. Step into this circle and bask in happiness. Then, step out and focus on a different emotion until you feel it. Once again, step into the happiness circle. With proper visualization, this circle should elicit happiness no matter what emotion you were feeling before.

Succeeding With NLP

The exercises above are just a sample of true NLP training methods and benefits. If you truly want to succeed with this and improve your life, you will need to work at it. The following are just a few of the ways that you can begin to master NLP techniques.

  • Practice daily. Just like any learned skill, your emotional control and NLP methodology knowledge will become rusty if you don't use it. Set aside time each day to practice NLP.
  • Create a routine. A routine helps you stick to a practice schedule. Pick a few of your favorite techniques and make them a normal part of your day. Perhaps you will start each morning with visualization right before you shower, or maybe you will anchor yourself before bed each evening. Repeating similar exercises daily at the same time makes them a natural part of your life.
  • Seek further training. Although basic exercises can be learned online or through books, the best training comes from a skilled NLP practitioner. Connect with the best NLP courses and get training so you can advance in your skills.