What Every Business Owner Should Know About Hiring Trade Show Models

13 October 2015
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Trade shows are often a sea of booths, products and company representatives that can be hard for attendees to navigate. With everyone who has a display vying for attention, it can be tough for any business to stand out. If you're looking for a way to set your company apart and ensure that you're reaching as many attendees as possible, you should consider retaining the services of several trade show models for your next event. Here are a few things you should know about using trade show models.

What Can Trade Show Models Do for Your Company?

Trade show models serve several purposes for most companies. If you're considering hiring them, it's important to understand exactly what they can do for your business during the event.

  • Steering Buyers – Trade show models can directly interact with your potential buyers and steer them to your booth. This will ensure that they get the chance to directly view your products, service or brand concept. These models specialize in bold, straightforward communication, making them perfect candidates to approach people at the show and sell your company. They can demonstrate products or explain first-hand how helpful your service is, giving your product a personal face that goes beyond your company's pitch.
  • Extending Reach – Since trade show models can wander the crowd, you can extend your reach significantly by hiring them. You can provide the models with flyers, trinkets and promotional items to distribute as they wander the show. This provides the opportunity for your company to gain visibility with consumers who may not have otherwise made their way to your booth.
  • Enhancing Customer Service – By placing trade show models in your booth area as well as the area in front of the booth, you'll expand your customer service ability. Take some time to provide your models with some basic details about the product or service and perhaps some frequently asked questions. That way, they can even answer questions from potential customers or know when to refer someone to you for further details. This saves you from having people waiting for you to answer a question and perhaps leaving before having the chance to talk with you.

What Should You Consider Before Hiring Trade Show Models?

The goal of having trade show models there to represent your company is to help cast your company in a positive light. Make sure you meet with each of the prospective models before the event to ensure that they are articulate and have a basic understanding of the industry that you're in. Remember that these models will be the face of your business for many of the attendees.

Trade show models can be a valuable investment to get your company noticed at your next event. Talk with a local agency today to find out what they can do for you, or visit tradeshowcasting.com.