Is This A Special Birthday For Your Child?

3 July 2019
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Of course, every birthday is a special one, isn't it? However, there seem to be those that are extra special. For example, when a child turns ten years old, it's just fun having a two-digit number. When a child turns thirteen, it's exciting to finally be a teenager. If your daughter is turning fifteen, maybe you're even having a celebration to honor that special birthday. And, then there's the Sweet Sixteen birthday. 

No matter whether your child is turning ten or another age, maybe this is the year you'll be planning an extra-fun event, If so, do you have all of the plans already in place? If that's not the case, from renting a photo booth to planning fun activities, here are some ideas that might help you.

Rent A Photo Booth - In all of your memorabilia, you more than likely have an old photo that was taken with a good friend in a photo booth, maybe at a mall. If you don't have the picture still, don't be surprised if your mother has saved it over the years. Photo booths aren't just fun. They create memories.

The great thing is that arranging for a photo booth rental is more than likely less expensive than you anticipated. The company where you rent it will be happy to set it up and then take it down for you. And, don't worry about how it works. It will be just as easy as the ones you used when you were a kid. The agent from the photo booth rental will make sure you understand exactly how to work every part of the booth.

Plan Other Fun - While the photo booth will probably be the main attraction, obviously you'll want other activities to make the party a fun one. Are the kids that are coming interested in dancing yet? If so, consider arranging for a DJ to come to the party. He or she will know just how to get kids onto the dance floor to have the time of their lives.

If the kids aren't old enough to be interested in dancing, consider playing age-appropriate games. Think of the games you played when you were a kid. Those same games will probably be enjoyed by your child and those who attend the birthday event. 

For example, remember musical chairs? Pin The Tail On The Donkey is another old-fashioned game that never seems to go out of style. Invite your child to help you plan the activities. 

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