Team Building Escape Room Ideas That Aren't Work-Related

26 June 2018
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Team building escape rooms are popular ways to build a better workplace. But this puzzle-filled adventure activity isn't only for work or employee teams. There are plenty of other groups that can benefit from the experience that escape rooms provide.

What types of groups and organizations may want to consider an escape room activity to build social skills, such as working together, listening to each other, and developing a sense of comradery? Take a look at the non-work-related ways to build teams through escape room entertainment.

New Roommates

There's no rule saying that only organized or formal groups can experience team building through an escape room activity. Informal groups can benefit, too. This includes new roommates. Whether you are moving in with old friends or your roommates are completely new to you, kicking off this new living situation with a bonding experience is an easy (and fun) way to start this new homelife journey.

Band Bonding

Your life is all about music, and that's how your band formed. Now that you've finally put together the perfect group of professionals who all want to create magical musical moments, you need to gel and become a singular unit. An escape room is an entertaining way to bond, build your team, and start working together.

As your band begins to write and practice music together, you'll need to work together, share ideas, learn from one another, and communicate. An escape room can help you to practice all of these skills, without any added pressure.

Demonstration Team

Whether you're part of a martial arts team, a dance troop, a theater company, or another demonstration/performing group, an escape room is an easy way to learn how to work together. When you're performing, you're working as a team. While practicing for your demonstrations and performances will help you to develop the skills needed to function as one unit, it isn't the only way to build these group abilities.

Take a break from the rigors of training or rehearsals and try something that's off the stage or out of the gym. An escape room activity is the perfect getaway adventure to bond, come together, and learn more about everyone else in your troop or group.

School Groups

Some classrooms thrive on teamwork. If you're a teacher or school group leader who wants to foster a collaborative environment, an escape room may be an ideal fit for your students. This type of activity gets your students out of the classroom and jumpstarts the creative thinking process — and all while helping them to work together.

If you're working on team building, escape rooms provide an outside-of-the-box way to foster social skills and learn how to collaborate. From first-time roommates to school students (and just about everyone in between), this activity is a hands-on, minds-on way to enjoy the thrill of working together.