Food Safety And Your Reception Venue

28 March 2018
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Your wedding reception's meal is going to be a snap, right? You'll get a caterer or find a venue that has a kitchen for wedding meals, and everyone will have a great time, you know? Well, not quite. Serving food at a wedding is actually rife with issues. Obviously it can be done, but it has to be done with care so that the food remains safe for everyone to eat. Read More 

The Costs Of Planning A Wedding Reception

8 February 2018
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Planning a wedding is something that many couples find themselves doing after becoming engaged. Whether it's a small and intimate wedding or a large affair, wedding planning can be stressful and expensive. The average wedding costs $31,213 with the reception alone accounting for at least half of the budget. In fact, the wedding ceremony itself usually only accounts for two to three percent of the total wedding budget. Here are some of the costs associated with planning a wedding reception. Read More 

Three Benefits Of Booking Your Wedding At A Museum

30 November 2017
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In advance of your nuptials, one of the biggest choices that you and your future spouse need to make is where you'll be married. There's a seemingly endless list of choices, including countless options that can satisfy each of your criteria. One type of wedding venue that you might wish to think about is a museum. Many museums have banquet rooms that people use for weddings, and this option can be affordable and unique. Read More 

Why Visiting An Escape Room Is The Perfect Way To Spend Your Next Family Day

19 September 2017
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Carving out the time to spend precious moments with your family is important. You want to build those strong bonds that lead to the growth of loyalty. This helps to keep your family together and acts as a buffer against the outside elements that would seek to injure your union. While there are certainly smany great activities that you can indulge in, there's one, in particular, that might be perfect for the occasion:  Going to an escape room. Read More 

Three Reasons Broadway Tickets Are Expensive

29 June 2017
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Visiting Broadway is one of those iconic things that many people want to do, however, when they go to buy tickets, some are surprised at just how expensive each ticket can be. When you come to realize the reason for this, though, you soon discover why it's definitely worth this price. Here are three reasons why: It's Worth It: Going to a Broadway show is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Read More